Kevin Avery

Kevin Avery from 104.7 The FISH has been an amazing advocate for Platinum Kitchens.  Our partnership with Kevin and The FISH has allowed our business to grow over the years and help us do what we enjoy most.  So when Kevin, and his beautiful wife Tracy, need a new kitchen, darn it, we get them a new kitchen.

We jumped at the opportunity to work with Kevin and Tracy again in their new home.  They're great people and a pleasure to work with.  They have always expressed gratitude and truly appreciate the lives they have.  They are down to earth and make the entire process fun and enjoyable for all of us.

The key to this kitchen was to open the wall that separated the kitchen and dining room.  It makes a space that felt closed in and disconnected feel open and part of the house instead of isolated to it's own space.  Of course, getting rid of the old cabinets, counter-tops and appliances provided a new, blank slate for a lighter, brighter feel with modern functionality.

They decided to go with classic, white cabinets - A guaranteed way to brighten up an old dingy kitchen.  They used a quartz based counter-top for it's marble look and incredible durability.  Their new, stainless steel appliances were provided by our friends at NorthPoint Appliance in Alpharetta.

We hope Kevin, Tracy and family make some amazing food and some great memories in this new space.