Kitchen Functionality For The Holidays

Kitchen Functionality For The Holidays

So you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year. Awesome!… Except for the fact that you have to feed 15+ people while somehow finding room to even put / keep the food. Not to mention the house has to look clean and somewhat festive (for you over-achievers) if not at the very least presentable (the rest of us). It would be nice to avoid the criticism from - or should I say "please" - your mother-in-law for once.

…Oh snap! I am really hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family this year! What am I going to do?!
Don't panic! Breathe. Here are some tips to make the holiday season a little easier this year.

Determine where each activity will take place, such as dining, serving, gathering, football watching, you name it and set it up accordingly. Organizing - Check!
If you have an extra sink fill it up with ice and place cups nearby. You can put canned drinks in the ice or simply set large bottles next to the sink. Drink station - Check!
Use your island or peninsula that is usually a place for seating as a place for prepping and serving food this holiday season! Buffet - Check!
Take a few small boxes and drape some fabric over them to "display" your family's favorite dishes down the serving line! Looking like I actually tried - Check!
Only helping hands in the kitchen! Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of space to sprawl while preparing food and kick out any unnecessary people because you need your space, and Uncle Bobby needs to learn his boundaries as well as patience because we ALL have to wait to eat! Sanity - Check!

Most of us know how to use our kitchen in an everyday manner, but we must accommodate for the hand full of times we actually entertain or host guests in our home. Ideally you would have a single level bar, island, or peninsula because it is optimum for preparing and serving, plus it makes your kitchen look huge. An extra sink comes in handy for vegetable washing on most days but can have a dual purpose for gatherings as well. And of course, space and functionality! These are all things that we try to incorporate when remodeling a kitchen because the benefits are endless!

Before I forget, this is the last and most important tip I can give you for the holiday season: Take a minute to enjoy the company around you and focus on making memories with the ones you love.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Platinum Kitchens & Design!

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