Do you provide design services?

Yes, we have two types of designers:  Kitchen designers that help you with the layout and flow of the space; And selection designers who assist you with colors, materials, etc. The selection designers help you with your cabinet style & color and take you counter-top and back-splash shopping while working hard to keep you within your style. If you don't know your style, they'll help you figure it out.

Should I spend the majority of my foreseeable future getting ideas on Houzz & Pinterest?

These sites are fun and good for ideas but try not to get carried away with the latest and greatest things you see. Many of the kitchens on these sites are very “now” (implying trendy) and not very real world.

We will do our best to help you maximize function as well as aesthetics but keep you in a realistic world. Inspiration photos are encouraged as they help show us what you like and what your style might be.

Can you help me select paint?

Yes, we can give several paint suggestions. However, we encourage you to test them out on your walls before making your final decision. If you are unhappy with the paint color you selected then we will repaint for you for an additional charge.

I work 9-5pm, Monday through Friday, when can I meet with the designers? Are evenings or Saturdays an option?

Most of our clients work – It's a good thing. Everyone is busy and has different challenges to their schedules that can make the selection phase challenging. Evenings and Saturdays typically don't work due to limited business hours from some of our vendors. It typically works best to take a half or full day off work to meet with our selection designers.

Most clients need at least two meetings to make selections. Few can do it in one. We ask that our design staff's time is respected and limited to 6 hours of in-person assistance.

Can I use my own designer for selections?

You can - Just keep in mind that it sometimes adds a sticky element.  Designers can be an opinionated breed (that's why you hire us) so we don't always work well with each other.  We encourage you to use our design team even if you are getting help from another source. Our team understands the PKD process and the specifics that could create issues during the renovation. 

Other designers often insist on using their sources for materials - We highly discourage this as it could introduce a level of unpredictability to our process (potentially resulting in additional time for the project and other unknowns).  Our vendors have become partners due to reliability and consistent quality.

Do we purchase our appliances through Platinum Kitchens?

No, we do not sell appliances. We can however, help you with sizes, style, etc. We can also recommend a few appliance sources and assist with the scheduling for the appliances to be dropped off or installed.

Be sure to share the make & model of each appliance with your design team.



What exactly is the “allowance” based on?

We work hard to keep our budgets and allowances based in the “real world”. That means that every year we re-evaluate our allowances to make sure they are healthy – That way we are confident that the job can be done (and done right) within the given allowances. However, since we are all individuals, there is no guarantee that the actual cost of your project will turn out to be the exact same number as the estimate – You decide if you want to splurge and what you may want to splurge on.

Say you were to stay under budget on your tile back-splash or counter-top allowance, then you would have an adjustment coming your way – Awesome! On the flip side, there is the possibility of going over budget, in which case we would discuss the overage with you so you can either approve or decide to re-select.

We'll be glad to discuss how we establish each of our allowances more specifically if necessary.

What are acceptable forms of payment?

We will always prefer a check over a credit card. We know people like their points but they don't come free. A 3.5% convenience charge will be added to credit card payments (we know, there's nothing convenient about it). We do not offer financing.

What is the typical project time line?

We want to get your project complete as much as you want us to complete it. Most projects fall into a 4-6 week timeline depending on quantity of work and surprises that may arise. The project may also take longer if we are coordinating work with other trades.

How long will my kitchen be non-functional?

We typically say projects take about 4-6 weeks but this is not set in stone.  Not everything has to go away either. We like to keep a refrigerator and microwave plugged in somewhere for use but the sink and cooking appliances go away on day one of the project (demo). We try to get you functional (but not finished) around week 3-4 but every project is different.



How will PKD communicate with me during the construction?

This could be one of the touchiest subjects when remodeling.  We are always working on communication and will continue to do so as long as we are in business as it can be the difference between success and failure.  We have spent years building our infrastructure with communication in mind.  Between our team members both in the office and out in the field we do our best to keep our homeowners up to date with what's happening as well as what's going to happen through phone calls, texts and E-mails.  We have implemented software that is accessible from any mobile device or computer that serves as a central hub for all the details of the project including selections, scheduling and direct messaging.

With all of our efforts we must still recognize that our industry is one where circumstances are constantly changing - We must make daily adjustments to keep projects on track and / or reduce down time.  Scheduling may change - That's not something we can always control - But the communication regarding those changes we consider to be necessary.

We've also learned this is a 2-way street.  With any purchase, there is a level where the customer must, not only do their due diligence, but also provide certain answers and guidance.  We may be the professionals but we're in your home - This is a partnership.  We may have questions for you that are equally important to the outcome of the project.  It also helps when all responsible adults of the house are in communication with each other (not that husbands and wives don't tell each other everything, all the time!).

Will the crews be on the job site every day? 9am-5pm?

No. There is not always something that can be completed until others are finished first. For example, after the counter-top is measured we may have a week before they get installed. During this time you may feel like nothing's happening. It is happening just not at your house – The granite is being fabricated to fit in your kitchen.

There is also a correct order to most work that will take place during your project. It is good to see constant progress but sometimes we need to hold back in order to make sure the horse is before the cart.

Are crew members employees of Platinum Kitchens & Design, Inc.?

Some yes and some no.  It depends on the trade.  We have three Project Managers on staff as well as cabinet installers but electricians, plumbers, etc., are partners that we use consistently.

Is the Project Manager working on multiple projects at once?

Yes. We do our best to stagger the start dates of new projects so we may be demoing a new job while waiting on the counter-top for another job.  There will be times where the Project Manager and crews will be working on other projects.  Workers can not survive doing one job at a time but we don't want anyone feeling neglected either.

Can I provide my own subs or do some of the work myself?

This typically necessitates more discussion. We do not have an issue with homeowner's doing their own demo before we get there – We just ask that the appropriate steps are taken to make sure things are done correctly. If other subs will be used it's best to have them come in before or after our crews to prevent too much overlap which can affect scheduling. Inevitably, miscommunication and finger pointing can often occur.

Will you need access to our home while we are away or do we need to be there during all work?

We really want you to go about your lives. We prefer to have a lock-box on the front door that only our guys have access to.  Garage codes also work well.

Do I need to stand over the guys as they work to make sure things are done right?

Absolutely not. It makes them nervous as it would you with your job. You are more likely to get the desired result if you let them do what they are good at. Everyone likes to work stress free if possible.

Are my pets allowed to be at home during the construction part of the project?

You know your pet best. We love completing projects without any human or animal having an anxiety attack. They are part of your family so you'll know if they can handle it or if they may need to stay with grandma.

Is there going to be a mess?

Well yeah, we're tearing up your kitchen. Seriously, we do it in a neat way (no sledge hammers like on TV, sorry). We try very hard to keep any mess maintained and clean up at the end of the work day. We do put materials down for the floor and hang barriers to keep dirt and dust controlled.  No matter what we do there will be times where IT'S GOING TO GET MESSY.

This would be a good time where I could bring up the cliches about breaking an egg to make an omelete or watching sausage get made but that would be gross.  ...So let's pretend I didn't.

What about all of the trash from demo? Will there be a dumpster in my driveway?

No, there will not be a dumpster on site. The crew will transport all trash and debris off site which is included in the construction section of the estimate. Their vehicles will be in your driveway while the crew is on site.

What should I expect when my cabinets are installed?

Expect doors and drawers to be out of adjustment and possibly lacking moldings, accessories and hardware.  This is by no means the finished product - The cabinets will look far better as we progress through the project.  Touch ups and adjustments happen towards the end of the project.

What about the unknowns? How do you handle change orders?

It's what you don't know that can get you here. The real surprises are what “you don't know you don't know” (wha?...). These are things like plumbing / vent lines in walls, a support wall that the builder built that should never have been a support wall, things that may show themselves during the “discovery” phase which is the same as demo.

When a situation like this presents itself you are typically the second or third person to be made aware. We then work up how much money it will take to fix it and get your approval via a change order. In most cases, this is in the hundreds of dollars, not thousands.

What is the punch list expectation?

Either the Project Manager or one of our Field Operations Managers will walk the job with you to establish a punch list. We ask that the punch list is signed to show that we agree on the list. When the items on the list are complete, PKD expects final payment to be made.

Additional items after the original punch will be considered warranty and will be addressed after final payment has been made.

We want to get your project complete as much as you want a beautiful new kitchen.

Please visit our blog page for additional insight.

We'll be glad to answer any other questions you may have! - PKD