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What type of work does Platinum do?

We are thankful for your interest in Platinum Kitchens. Please see below for some specifics on the type of work we do and what we don't do. We apologize in advance if we are not a good fit for your project.

What we do:

- Full kitchen remodels. This means that cabinets and counter-tops are getting replaced. Typically, back-splash, lighting, painting and sometimes flooring are part of the project.

- Optimizing your kitchen layout. This means that in many spaces we can come up with a new configuration of cabinets, counter-tops and appliances that may be more beneficial for your space.

- We can perform some structural changes to your space but prefer to keep this to a minimum.

What we don't do:

- Painting of or re-facing of existing cabinetry. We do not work with existing cabinetry in any way. We do not have confidence in these expensive methods so we choose to stay away from both. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our reasoning with you further.

- Counter-top replacement on your existing cabinetry.

- We do not do bathroom remodels.

- We do not have the ability to offer design services only. Design of the space as well as colors and textures is what we help you with throughout the kitchen project but can not be offered independently of a kitchen remodel.

- While we do painting and flooring, we are not the best company to do large quantities of either in your home. We prefer to focus in on the kitchen space. It is best to use a flooring and / or painting contractor if your needs extend beyond the kitchen area.

- Due to an increase in labor challenges we are limited to a 45 minute drive distance from our showroom in Alpharetta.

Please call the office at 678-455-0875 with any questions regarding the above information

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