Lighting Changes Everything

Lighting Changes Everything

Captain Obvious, I know. It's kind of a ridiculous statement but there's a little more to it…

I don't want to discuss the impact of beautiful lighting or types of lighting in kitchens - We know there are many types and different ways to use lighting. I want to give a clear example of how perceptions can change depending on where light generates from or what it is bouncing off of. Sometimes it's simply your physical position in a space that affects how you see things (I swear this is not going to be political).

Shortly after we completed our showroom here in Alpharetta, I noticed that one of the new displays looked like it had two different colors in the base cabinets. I was half afraid to find out the truth that we may have been so amateurish to make such a mistake. I had to prove to myself that we deserved to continue in the industry or whether we should close shop and go back to Med school.

Here's the example below. The base cabinets are Willow Gray but the base cabinet door on the far right looks much more taupe. We have some LED track lighting shining directly on this door where the left door is getting more indirect lighting:

And some close ups of a Willow Gray sample door next to the areas in question:

Those can't be the same! …But they totally are. Lighting can wreak havoc on our brains and make us see something that's not entirely true (might sound political again, sorry).

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