Refresh Your Stainless Steel Sink

Refresh Your Stainless Steel Sink

It's time for spring cleaning (again!). Here is a quick tip for refreshing a dingy and dull stainless steel kitchen sink. Take 3 spoonfuls of cream of tartar and mix with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to create a paste. Apply to the sink surfaces using a soft cotton cloth. Buff gently to remove dirt and bring back the shine, rinse with warm water and you're done! If you have a garbage disposal, drop in a few lemon quarters, grind 'em up and your sink will not only look good, but will smell great too!

NOTE: this tip is recommended only for stainless steel sinks. It could scratch or discolor sinks and faucets made of other materials like Corian, SilGranite, porcelain, cast iron, clear coated chrome, etc.

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