The “Work Triangle”, The “Work Square”… How About The “Work Pentagon”?

The “Work Triangle”, The “Work Square”… How About The “Work Pentagon”?

Who hasn't heard of the legendary work triangle? It's an important concept in kitchen design. After all,it's been around since the 1940's! But do you think your kitchen is the same as it would be in the 40's? Probably not. You can go to Wikipedia and read all the in's and out's, history, origins and rules of the kitchen work triangle so I wont bore you with all those fascinating details (read as sarcasm). I'm simply throwing out that the concept of the triangle may not be the gospel for today's spaces.

The triangle was formed to create a flow between three key points in the kitchen; the sink, the fridge and the stove. But kitchens were smaller with less appliances. Now we have microwave ovens, double ovens, etc. So if you have a microwave do we need to have a work square? Or even a work pentagon if we have double ovens? Possibly a work octagon if you have a second sink, pot filler, cappuccino machine? So that may be a bit ridiculous but there is point to all this …somewhere…

The flow of the kitchen needs to work within the geometry of the walls and for you, the homeowner. Don't get stuck on the concept of the work triangle. Anyone can draw a triangle out of any three points in space. It may not be a perfect or even a good looking one but a triangle nonetheless. As kitchen designers we look out for a certain flow that comes down to, no more than, common sense. It is based on listening to the homeowner and keeping with the geometry of the area (unless walls are being knocked down). Do you cook a lot? How do you like to work? Do you like to entertain? What appliances do we want to incorporate into the design? The answers to these as well as the structure we're dealing with help us determine the final design that is right for your kitchen.

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