Think Inside The Box (it’s what your kitchen wants)

Think Inside The Box (it’s what your kitchen wants)

How many times have you heard someone say, "Think outside the box"? Whether as a motivational tool used in business or someone using it as a clear cliché, we've all heard it more times than we can remember. We also know what it means: Be creative, get out of your rut, look at the problem from a different angle. Inspired by the "9 Dots Puzzle", a simple (once you know the answer) test forcing one to solve the problem by going outside the perceived box, the phrase is meant to inspire not only creative thinking but a constant flow of new and unique ideas. This hopefully explains the random graphic on the previous blog page.

So when referring to your kitchen why am I saying, "think inside the box"? Is it to crush your creative spirit or to ensure that no one gets a kitchen better than another? Big negative. It's for the simple reason that kitchens love to be in square or rectangular shapes. The same reason bedrooms, living rooms and most other rooms in your house are square - They simply work. I bet the rooms that don't match this simple frame have been viewed as "oddly shaped", possibly providing a conversation or two about how to improve them (improve = more functional, getting the most use out of the space, visually appealing).

Kitchens don't particularly like outside angles, segmented sections of a room or lots of 45 degree walls. They lead to an inconsistent space resulting in decreased workflow and visual appeal. We want larger runs of cabinets in lieu of many smaller ones. Planning is easier with 90 degree corners where all available space can be used vs angles where there will most likely be a loss of function. We want to get to different appliances with ease and not have to turn a corner to access the fridge.

As with most things in life there are exceptions. Sometimes you have to deal with what you're given and make the most out of it. However, given the opportunity to layout your kitchen space, think inside the box as it will provide both aesthetic and functional benefits. Then dive into the box - Make it your own and get creative.

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