Two Ovens In The Space Of One

Two Ovens In The Space Of One

Double oven range

Double oven range

One of THE most frequently requested items that we are tasked with by our clients is the dire need for MORE COUNTER SPACE!! Followed by the frantic statement of WE ALSO NEED MORE THAN ONE OVEN!! Fortunately, the appliance industry has recently created a terrific solution in the double range oven! This ingenious appliance consolidates the cook top and two ovens into a tidy 30″ wide space, thus eliminating the need for a big bulky tower cabinet to house the traditional stacked double oven. Since most folks are really only using two ovens on a handful of yearly occasions - the oven tower is eating up nearly 7 square feet of usable counter top surface!! Consider the double oven range when planning an upcoming renovation - it's a simple and affordable way to check off two top things on your dream kitchen wish list!

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