What to Do With All Those Tiny Spice Jars

What to Do With All Those Tiny Spice Jars

Fall and football are finally here and it's time for chili, apple cider & soon, pumpkin pie. All foods that make the house smell wonderful, but require many expensive spices.

Do you have a jumbled heap of barely consumed little jars of spices filling up valuable real estate in your kitchen cabinet? The cabinet is a mess and the spices are past their prime. A waste of both space and money! Solution? First, check the date on the bottom of the jar and toss it out if over a year old. Transfer remaining spices into airtight containers, label, place them in a zip top freezer bag, seal and pop into your freezer. Yes, I know, you have a little less freezer space now, clean it out while you're at it, but you also have more cabinet space and vibrant spices to use in all of your home cooked favorites.

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