What’s In A Number? The Power Of Clear Pricing

What’s In A Number? The Power Of Clear Pricing

How do you want to see pricing? Would you prefer to have pages and pages of detail with one number presented at the end or would you like to see that number explained and broken down? No one wants to read through an epic novel of info or bring in their attorney to review what should be an easily understood page or two of pricing and description. I am a true believer of breaking down pricing to make things clear and understood. It eliminates confusion and the feeling that someone is misleading you (kind of like the Wonka contract).

There's no doubt that in the home improvement industry there is more clarity and transparency in concise price breakdowns. We know it's easier to hide "fluff" in one number but it also allows the person providing the price to take the lazy way out - Perhaps they don't understand the pricing themselves and couldn't explain it if they had to.

Of course, with many products one total is justified and expected. I don't really want to know how much each component of my new computer costs - It's simply too much info. However, with a home renovation I want to know what is and isn't included and what I'm paying for each category of work (cabinetry, counter-tops, flooring, etc.).

We see so much confusion out there when we meet with clients that have already been exploring their kitchen renovation. They're confused by the lack of detail as well as the lack of time that someone has spent with them. We set ourselves apart because we take the time to categorize our pricing and explain all of it. It's clear and understandable.

Before you partner with a company to do any type of home renovation you should feel that you have been properly educated by the company's representative. If they are the true professionals and enjoy what they do you should feel that. They should not be rushing you through things to "sign today and save" (that's a ploy). You should feel that they have spent time with you, answered all your questions and not pressured you into signing anything.

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