Are Your Cabinets “Smiling”?

Are Your Cabinets “Smiling”?

When cabinets "smile", we frown.

What do we mean? Well, as with almost every product, it was just a matter of time before the kitchen industry was inundated with inferior imported cabinets from overseas. Too often, these cabinets are made without the same quality standards as we see in those built here in the States and the result is "smiling" cabinets - bowed shelves, warped doors & cupped sides. Not to mention peeling finishes, sub-par hardware and minimal warranties. Pairing the lack of custom options with any needed replacement items arriving via slow boat just rounds out the laundry list of negative attributes.

Needless to say, the rock bottom up-front price can still be attractive, but the long-term results, not so much. As we've said before, kitchen renovation shortcuts are always costly in the long run. Don't be fooled, other unscrupulous kitchen companies may tout American-built cabinets and often they are selling import product that is shipped flat-pack in a container and only assembled locally.

Platinum Kitchens prides itself in only offering high quality, American-made cabinetry. We sell beautiful, affordable & durable cabinetry built by our neighbors right here in Georgia, Alabama & Tennessee. We want you to know that it is within reach to have a beautiful and lasting CUSTOM kitchen with many years of real smiles.

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