Does Your Re-faced Kitchen Now Need to Be Replaced?

Does Your Re-faced Kitchen Now Need to Be Replaced?

Here's an unfortunate scenario that we have encountered much too frequently lately - a client purchases a new home with what appears to be a new kitchen. However, a few months into living in the new home, they start to notice that the sides of their once intact cabinets are now bubbling up and peeling off.

To those of us in the kitchen industry, we know right away that these kitchen cabinets have likely been "re-faced" in an effort to put the façade of a new kitchen on an old kitchen in order to sell the home. The trouble is that unknowing home buyers are inheriting the latent problems associated with this "quick-fix" process. Cabinet re-facing or re-surfacing is touted as a quick and easy alternative to kitchen renovation, but is often an unscrupulous method of temporarily improving the cosmetics of a kitchen without regard to the problems the next homeowner may encounter.

Platinum Kitchens would never want to kick a problem further down the road for a homeowner - we know how to create beautiful, AFFORDABLE and long-lasting kitchens for people on both sides of a home sale - WITHOUT SHORTCUTS.

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