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September 2021 Update

About a month ago we sent out an E-mail in an attempt to keep our clients updated to where we were relative to the extreme challenges of 2021. This is an update to that E-mail that can be read by clicking below.

With the rise of the Delta variant we feel as if we've taken a step backwards instead of forward. We are continuing to deal with supply problems, including shortages and discontinued items.

Labor has not improved and possibly regressed adding to the supply and freight issues.

These problems are much larger than we are. Global companies that supply faucets, countertop material, tile, electrical supplies and many other materials we rely on are all struggling to keep up with demand.

The frustration is felt by everyone. We would like to do some screaming and demanding but it won't get us anywhere. Vendors and distributors aren't having any luck either and often feel in the dark as we all do. Squeaky wheels are not getting any additional grease in 2021.

The good news is that things are continuing. In some cases, just slower. We are still completing kitchens and have no intent to stop. We also intend to stay open and honest whether it's news you like to hear or just the truth.

We are thankful that you chose to work with Platinum Kitchens for your kitchen remodel. We appreciate your additional patience and commit to progressing through this.

Thank you,
Michael Karp
Platinum Kitchens & Design, Inc.

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