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July 2021 Update

I couldn't resist the 2021 meme on the previous page - Just trying to have a little fun in a difficult time.

Below is a recent E-mail we sent out to all of our current clients in hopes that we share a little insight to where we are and how we are working through it:

We are thankful that you chose to work with Platinum Kitchens for your kitchen remodel. We've spent decades working on our process and are continuously trying to improve where we can. This year, however, has been so unique that just keeping up is an accomplishment in itself. Business has been very strong but the factors affecting the globe are absolutely counter productive to business itself.

We've all been thrown more curve balls than what we could have seen coming. If you are remotely up on current events, you are already aware of global shortages from tech, vehicles, lumber and labor.

We are one of those industries feeling the effects of this pandemic. Every week we are bracing ourselves for more news regarding additional shortages and freight problems.

Skilled labor has been an issue within our industry for a few years now - That's not new but it has dramatically worsened. Our loyal partners are in the same boat and equally struggling to keep up. Workers are simply not there to hire.

We are also seeing a rise in prices across the board. We are doing our best not to react to the manic, weekly price increases around us but may have to make some adjustments. We will not arbitrarily raise any prices that have already been agreed upon by existing clients.

The goal in sending this E-mail is to inform you that we are being affected by all these conditions. Whether we have already begun your project or plan to start in the coming months, we ask that you stay somewhat flexible. This is not the year for kitchen reveal parties or hard deadlines - That expectation will only lead to disappointment.

At times, especially if we have begun your project, this may take an exceptional level of patience. There are many different products that go into a kitchen remodel and we have no way of predicting what will be affected next from shortages or back-orders. Clearly, it has been a time of frustration for our employees as well. The good news is that we are committed to work through it - So at least that's one easy decision. Keep going. Breathe. Repeat.

We appreciate you and your understanding. We will continue to do what we know how to do best despite the many hurdles being presented.

Thank you,
Michael Karp
Platinum Kitchens & Design, Inc.

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