Linear Footage Pricing For Cabinets (How A Foot Can Lead To A FALLacy)

Linear Footage Pricing For Cabinets (How A Foot Can Lead To A FALLacy)

See what happened up there in the title? Get it?… Fall became fallacy… It's a play on words because they share a few letters. Clever, huh? …OK, I'm done.

It's kind of a ridiculous explanation for a ridiculous subject. I've been asked about my linear footage pricing for cabinets my entire career. I've always answered the same, "I don't know. I don't deal with linear footage pricing." The reason is that linear footage pricing has little to nothing to do with the final price you're going to pay for cabinets. This has always felt like something people thought they were supposed to ask but really had no idea what the correct dollar amount was supposed to be for them. You can find out different ranges on the internet but the opinions and advice on the internet isn't based on you and your budget.

Start with a basic, generic cabinet. Then let's upgrade to the style and color that you really want. Then let's add the appropriate molding, accessories, hardware and installation that we all want. The linear footage pricing has already been invalidated. It could possibly work better for large builders who are building entry level homes but it simply doesn't apply to the remodel world.

(Side note - The pricing you are given means nothing if it doesn't include the installation.)

We learned a long time ago to price a project not where the homeowner's eyes will light up with a low number but to price it where we know our clients want to be. With the accessories and features people expect and where you're covered for more colors rather than less. Installation and hardware is included on every one of our quotes.

We don't often deal with the rich and famous - We deal with people who are like minded and fit in to our business model. We want to remodel kitchens for the everyday people. Those similar to us who don't want to skimp on quality but at the same time get the most for every dollar. Penny wise, not pound foolish.

So be careful of linear footage pricing and other tactics that may appeal to your thrifty side. We all know if it feels too good to be true, it is.

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