Wood Countertops – A Touch Of Warmth Or a Grand Statement?

Wood Countertops – A Touch Of Warmth Or a Grand Statement?

Sometimes it feels like granite and quartz based countertops are the only choices out there. Not the case. Wood countertops are another beautiful and functional surface that be used as much or as little as you like.

Sometimes used as an accent, sometimes as a chopping block - There are no rules to how wood can be used. They can be a stand alone counter at an island or they can meld with other counter materials. It's really game-on only limited by your imagination.


Our friends at J. Aaron Custom Wood Countertops have a wealth of knowledge on their website. Specifically, their blog goes into many of the ideas as well as common concerns when using wood tops. It is a great resource that will help in deciding whether wood is right for you and your family.

Is it safe to have a sink in a wood top as in the picture below?

wood top with sink

Maybe your family is a bit "outgoing" so you're concerned that the wood will take too much of a beating. Perhaps a distressed finish is the right way to go so you don't freak out with every new dent and ding…

Owens_after (33)

Perhaps an accent piece with a wood top would enhance your space and create more of the "pretty" that you've been longing for.

Karp_after (39) -1

Check out J. Aaron's blog here: http://www.jaaronwoodcountertops.com/blog/

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