Spring Design Tip

Spring Design Tip

Even in the current housing market, Money magazine and top real estate websites still tout kitchen renovations as one of the highest return on investment home improvement projects. Still standing at nearly 80% in the Atlanta market!

But building a new kitchen shouldn't be "all about resale" and not every home improvement decision should be based on the potential likes and dislikes of a nameless, faceless future buyer. Many factors about the home should be considered, such as style, price, neighborhood, etc. so as not to significantly OVER improve and reduce the ROI (return on investment) percentage at the future sale.

Don't panic! Your kitchen renovation need not result in a boring palette of neutral beige and "super-safe" design elements! Classic kitchen styles don't have to be boring - and when it comes to resale of a home, clean, classic & clutter-free is truly what sells. By putting your own taste specific style into semi-permanent elements such as cabinet hardware, light fixtures, paint colors and wall decor, you can transition your kitchen into a market ready and "universally appealing" space with little money and effort down the road!

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